About Fertilizer
An all-purpose fertilizer 10-10-10 is adequate for most species. Apply at planting time, three months later, and six months thereafter. Use half the dosage recommended for ornamental and pay special attention to native ferns, which are sensitive to strong fertilizers. Use organic composts and aged animal manures instead of chemical fertilizers. In addition, use cinders for providing trace minerals.

A Short History of Native Plants
Native plants were here hundreds of years before the Polynesians inhabited the Hawaiian Islands. They were brought here by birds, or survived the harsh ocean conditions long enough to float here. They are especially adapted to Hawaii's varying soil and environmental conditions. This is why they make prime specimens for a xeriscape garden.

Natives will not thrive on their own, especially under harsh conditions. On the other hand, like any other plant, if you over-water and over-fertilize them, they will die.

Other Helpful Fertilizer Information
Follow the instructions given to you by the nursery you buy the plant from, or from this page. Better yet, buy a book, read it, and learn more about native plants. You will be pleased with the results.