Requirements and Elements

General Overview
General Plans need to be updated periodically to reflect current community values, update technical information, and address locally relevant issues.

This process also provides a chance for the community to evaluate the existing plan and update policies where necessary in order to adequately meet the future needs of the community.

Maui County's existing General Plan was last updated in 1990. Ordinance 3166, commonly referred to as "Bill 84", was adopted in 2002 and established an improved process for the update of the General Plan and Community Plans.

The bill:
  • Provides more public participation in the planning process
  • Places an emphasis on the analysis of island-wide, inter-regional issues
  • Mandates the development of a directed growth strategy with urban and rural growth boundaries
  • Links the planning process to the budgeting process

Bill 84
Bill 84 requires the General Plan to have a 20 year planning horizon and requires the Planning Director to prepare and recommend proposed revisions to the plan every 10 years (decennial).

Bill 84 also provides for non-decennial amendments to the plan, either by the Planning Director or by Council by resolution. Amendment requests must adhere to the requirements set forth in Maui County Code, Chapter 2.80B.