Department of the Corporation Counsel


To support County government by providing legal advice and representation that promotes public interest, and promotes the countywide strategic priorities.

Program Description

The Legal Services Program serves as legal adviser and legal representative of the County of Maui, of the Council, the Mayor, all departments, all Boards and Commissions, and of all County officials and employees in matters relating to their official duties. Effective July 1, 2012, this program also includes the Risk Management Division, which was transferred from the Department of Finance.


  • Counseling and Drafting Division: Is divided into two teams: Planning, Land Use and Public Infrastructure Team provides legal counseling and drafting services relating to planning, land use, public works, environmental management, water, and public infrastructure. The Finance, Public Safety, and Human Resources Team provides legal counseling and drafting services relating to finance, public safety, human resources, and other matters.
  • Litigation Division: Represents the County, its officers and employees in labor-related, tort, land, water and complex litigation cases.
  • Risk Management Division: Plans, directs and develops countywide policies and programs to manage risk and control accidental losses. Assists departments in identifying and evaluating exposures, and formulates cost-effective plans and mitigation techniques to address risks unique to the operation. The Division oversees insurance procurement, employee health/wellness and safety, regulatory compliance, and the administration of workers’ compensation, temporary disability, and third party claims.

Corporation Counsel Opinions

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