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Active watches, warnings, and emergency management notifications are posted above. The absence of any posts indicates there are no active notifications.

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The Maui Emergency Management Agency in partnership with CivicPlus, utilizing their CivicReady Mass Notification System, has established a free public safety alert and notification system called MEMA Alerts. This is a user defined system in which the registered user determines what alerts, notifications, or information is received when they are registering or updating their information. Generally "watch" level alerts are sent by email and more urgent "warning" level alerts are sent by email, text message, and in some cases voice call.

  • Advisory level alerts are available by downloading the myAlerts mobile app for your iOS or Android mobile device, The download link is available on the registration page.

MEMA encourages residents to register for MEMA Alerts even if you do not wish to receive weather alerts, as having your contact information in the MEMA Alerts system will allow public safety officials to notify you in the event that there is an emergency situation occurring, such as an evacuation order or shelter in place order, that requires your immediate attention.

  MEMA-Alert40  MEMA Alerts Registration
Click the large MEMA Alerts logo to access the registration page. Select the green Sign Up button to input your contact information, select the type of alerts you wish to receive, and submit to complete your registration

  MEMA-Alert40  myAlerts Mobile App
Information: We recommend that subscribers download and install the myAlerts mobile app, available for Android and Apple devices. The myAlerts mobile app will provide an alternative method for receiving alerts and information from Maui County. The app download link is available on the registration page. 

 MEMA-Alert40 Updating your MEMA Alerts Information
Please use the email address or phone number that you utilized when you registered for your MEMA Alerts account. Click the large MEMA Alerts logo to access the login page. Select the Modify or Unsubscribe button. Enter the appropriate email address or phone number in the designated spot. You will receive either an email with an account link or a text with a 6-digit account verification code.  Once you click the link or enter the code, please verify and update any information in your account and submit to save it.

Receive alerts via the following methods:

National Weather Service watch level alerts will be sent via email. National Weather Service warning level alerts will be sent via email and text, and by voice call if warranted. Please note: National Weather Service advisory level alerts will only be available through the myAlerts Mobile App.

Contact Methods:
  • Cell phone 1
  • Cell phone 2
  • Text messages via cell phone
  • Email
  • Home phone
  • Work phone

Language Preferences

You can select to receive alerts in the language of your choice.

Customize the type of Alerts you receive:

Watch/Warning Level Alerts:

  • Flood
  • Coastal
  • Fire Condition
  • Severe Storm
  • Wind
  • Hurricane
  • Tropical Storm
  • Tsunami

(You can receive advisory level alerts only in the myAlerts app)

Other types emergencies you may receive alerts for:

  • Evacuation Notifications
  • Civil Defense Notifications
  • Earthquake Statement
  • Special Weather Statement

What MEMA Alerts is not:

  • A news media informational system
  • A social media style information sharing platform


This server may not be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Timely delivery of data and products from this server through the Internet is not guaranteed. Please listen to your local radio and TV stations or NOAA Weather Radio for any updates.