Preparing for a Hurricane

Actions and Precautions
Citizens should know what to do during hurricane and tropical storm watches and warnings. Watches and warnings are prepared for the Hawaiian Islands by the National Weather Service Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu.

When watches and warnings are issued, people should closely monitor local media, such as radio, television, or NOAA weather radio, for official bulletins of the storm's progress and instructions from Civil Defense authorities.

To Stay or To Leave?
When a hurricane threatens, you will have to decide whether you should evacuate or whether you can ride out the storm in safety at home. The ultimate decision to stay or leave will be yours.

The following guidelines should help in your decision to stay or evacuate.
  • If you live on the coastline, plan to leave.
  • If you live near a stream or in a flood plain, plan to leave.
  • If you live in a sturdy structure away from coastal and rainfall flooding, consider staying.