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Committee on the Status of Women Survey


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  • Committee on the Status of Women

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    2. Committee on the Status of Women Survey

      On behalf of the Committee on the Status of Women, Maui County, we are asking all women of Maui County to participate in the following survey. Your time and feedback is most important to the focus and actions of this commission. This survey should take about 5-10 minutes of your time. Your responses will remain anonymous. All answers will be shortened, compiled and placed in a final report describing the needs and concerns of the women of Maui County. The summary will be available on our website ( along with the final report.
    3. Please check/comment to all that apply to you.
    4. a. Ethnicity
    5. b. Age
    6. c. Employment
    7. d. Education
    8. e. Monthly Income Status
    9. Are you a registered Voter in Maui County?
    10. g. Do you Vote?
    11. h. What is your housing status?
    12. i. What are your living arrangements?