Are all meters being replaced?

No, only those water meters that are 2” or smaller and that are more than 9 years old. Both residential and commercial meters that fit this criteria are scheduled for replacement. We are estimating approximately 26,000 meters will be replaced over a four (4) year period.

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1. Why are water meters being replaced?
2. Are all meters being replaced?
3. What else is being replaced?
4. Are these new meters considered “smart” meters?
5. Is DWS personnel installing the new AMI system?
6. Will I need to be home when this new equipment is installed?
7. What if my meter is located behind a fence or a wall and is not accessible?
8. Will my water bill look different?
9. Am I going to be charged for this AMI system?
10. How do I sign up to review my own water meter usage?
11. Is my privacy secure?
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