How can I find out about "wet bars"?

The definition of wet bars in the Maui County Code, Chapter 19.04.040 is “an area within a dwelling unit, other than a kitchen, used for the preparation and serving of beverages that contains a sink that is one-and-one-half cubic feet or smaller and at least one of the following: refrigeration seven-and-one-half cubic feet or smaller; an ice maker; a small mixing or blending appliance; or a small appliance for the preparation of hot beverages, such as a coffee maker or microwave.

The area is not a wet bar if any of the following is also present: a sink larger than one-and-one-half cubic feet; refrigeration larger than seven-and-one-half cubic feet; a 220-volt electrical outlet; a gas or propane service line; a dishwashing machine; a garbage disposal; a range hood, exhaust vent, or similar equipment; a stove, range, or oven; or any other appliance for the heating or cooking of food.

No more than two wet bars shall be permitted in a dwelling unit that is less than five thousand square feet in total floor area. No more than three wet bars shall be permitted in a dwelling unit that is five thousand square feet or more in total floor area. No wet bar shall be permitted in a bedroom or bathroom.”

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