I’m a landlord/property manager. Can I apply on behalf of my tenants?
  • Yes. Landlords must receive consent from tenants prior to applying. A landlord will need to compile the same documentation outlined in Appendix B (page 8). This includes W-9’s.
  • As a landlord, enter information about your tenant(s) into the screening portal at  https://mauicounty.gov/MauiRentHelp
  • That will take a landlord to the online application. Complete as much of the online application as possible with your tenant’s information and press the submit button.
  • One of our community partners will contact an applying landlord to help them through the rest of the process.

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1. 1. For Renters
2. What is the Maui County Emergency Rental Assistance Program?
3. What utilities does the program pay for?
4. Does the program pay for phone or internet service bills?
5. Does the program pay for mortgages?
6. Do I qualify?
7. What are the 50% income limits?
8. What are the 80% income limits?
9. What is considered a “household”?
10. I live with roommates, not family. Can I qualify?
11. Do I need to be on unemployment to qualify?
12. Do I have to be behind on my rent or utilities to qualify?
13. Can I apply for funds to help with utilities, even if I don’t need rent relief?
14. How do I apply?
15. What documents will I need to apply?
16. These documents may be needed based on the assistance requested:
17. How long will I have to wait until my application is approved?
18. What happens if the program runs out of money while my application is being processed?
19. I’m getting help with my rent/utilities from another program. Can I also get help from the Maui County Emergency Rental Assistance Program?
20. If I’m approved, will I stay enrolled in the program or will I have to reapply to pay future bills?
21. Can I be evicted while waiting for these funds?
22. Will payment be made to me, or to my landlord/utility company?
23. 2. For Landlords
24. I’m a landlord/property manager. Can I apply on behalf of my tenants?
25. What do I need to do if my tenants are applying?
26. Is there a limit to how many tenants of mine can get help from the program?
27. If a tenant does not qualify for the funding can they be evicted?
28. If I qualify, how will I get paid?
29. 3. For Applicants
30. How do I check the status of my application or contact a representative for assistance?
32. Eligible Households Must Meet All of the Following Criteria
33. Area Median Income
35. Photo ID and Proof of Residency (One of the Following)
36. Rental and Utility Documentation
37. COVID-19 Hardship Documentation (Dated On or After March 13, 2020)
38. Housing Instability Documentation