Why is my sewer (wastewater) bill higher than my water bill?
The County of Maui is required by the Clean Water Act (enforced by the State of Hawaii and the US Environmental Protection Agency) to treat wastewater before returning it to the environment. This process is typically more difficult, time consuming and expensive to perform than producing normal drinking water from aquifers, streams or wells.

Your sewer bill reflects your household's fair share cost of this treatment and consists of a base charge and an amount that correlates to the volume of water consumed. The rate on this consumed volume is set to account for the fact that significant amounts of water go to landscape irrigation or other uses that do not enter the sewer system.

The Department of Environmental Management establishes the rates for the sewer portion of your bill while the Department of Water Supply only handles the collection of these charges. Please go to the link below or call the Wastewater Reclamation Division at 270-7420 if you would like more information about the sewer portion of your bill. (Note: If you reside in an area that is not serviced by one of the County Wastewater Reclamation Facilities, this fee will not appear on your bill.)
Dept. of Environmental Management - Wastewater

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