What if I experience technical issues?

Please use the technical chat box located in the lower right corner of the screen. The chat box will appear when you have entered the system check requirements screen.  If ProctorExam technical support is unable to assist you, please email the County of Maui, Department of Personnel  or call (808) 270-7850  during our office hours of Monday – Friday 7:45 am-4:30 pm, except holidays.

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1. Why are online assessments used as part of the recruitment process?
2. Is there a time limit for the online assessment?
3. What happens if the internet connection is broken during the online assessment?
4. What if I am unable to take the assessment online at home?
5. If I don’t have a mobile smartphone will I still be able to take the online assessment?
6. What if I experience technical issues?
7. Am I allowed to use scratch paper while taking an online assessment?
8. Am I allowed to use a calculator while taking an online assessment?
9. Which Internet browsers and operating systems will I need to use to complete the eSkill Online Assessment?
10. Why do I need to install the ProctorExam app?
11. Who will have access to view my video recordings?
12. How do I know if my online assessment was successfully submitted?
13. When will I get my assessment results?