What is “pre-packaged” food and are we allowed to sell, provide or use disposable plastic containers for it?
  • The definition in the Proposed Administrative Rules for Ordinance 5084 reads as follows:

“Prepackaged food” means food and beverages contained in plastic disposable foodware that has been filled and sealed entirely outside the County or in a manner intended to prevent the food or beverage from having any direct human contact, such as shelf-stable food and beverages; condiment packets, poi bags, musubi wraps, plastic film, chip bags, cookie and cracker wrappers, bread bags, meal kits, ice bags; beverage-related bottles or cartons; packaging for unprepared food; and packaging for wholesale distribution of prepared food, baked goods, and dairy products. “Prepackaged foods” include “grab-and-go” prepackaged foods such as bentos, salads, and sandwiches. “Prepackaged foods” excludes prepared foods packaged and intended for immediate consumption (e.g., food purchased from a fast food establishment, food truck, or stand).

If you have further questions regarding “pre-packaged” foods, please call the Recycling Hotline at (808) 270-7880.

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