What products are allowed under the ban?

Only mineral sunscreens may be sold, offered for sale, used, or distributed in the County of Maui. Non-mineral sunscreen can only be used with a prescription issued by a licensed healthcare provider.

Any product marketed as a topical use to prevent sunburn is subject to this ordinance; products containing non-mineral active ingredients are prohibited under the ordinance.

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1. What is non-mineral sunscreen and how does it harm the reef?
2. How and when will enforcement begin?
3. What products are allowed under the ban?
4. Is mineral sunscreen effective?
5. What is “reef friendly” and “reef safe” sunscreen?
6. What are the consequences of non-compliance?
7. How difficult is it to apply mineral sunscreen? Doesn’t mineral sunscreen leave a white residue or feel sticky on my skin?
8. Is my sunscreen really a problem? Don’t reefs face bigger threats?
9. How can I do more?