What is required to be filed?

Filers are required to report various types of financial interests, such as income; business ownership; stocks, bonds, and mutual funds; officer or director positions in for-profit or non-profit business; real property; loans; names of clients assisted or represented before state agencies; and creditor interests in an insolvent business. In addition, filers are required to disclose their own financial interests, as well as those held by a spouse or dependent child, initially and annually thereafter.

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1. Why file a Financial Disclosure?
2. Who is required to file?
3. Who is a “Public” filer?
4. What is required to be filed?
5. Where do elected officials and appointed officers file an FDS form?
6. Where do boards and commission members file an FDS form?
7. Where do candidates for public office file a FDS form?
8. What are the filing deadlines for FDS forms?
9. Can a board or commission member submit a physical FDS form?
10. What is the period of time FDS forms cover?
11. What financial interest are to be reported?
12. Who reviews the FDS form?
13. Are financial disclosure statements open to public inspection?
14. What if an FDS form is incomplete?
15. What if a member of a board or commission does not turn in an FDS form?
16. Who to contact for additional information or questions?