Where do candidates for public office file a FDS form?

Candidates for elected office in the State and Counties of Hawaii are required to comply with HRS §11-118, and Chapter 12 by filing two copies of their FDS concurrently with their nomination papers; one filed with the Office of the County Clerk (7th Floor, County of Maui, Kalana O’ Maui Building), and one filed with the Board of Ethics (3rd Floor, County of Maui, Kalana O’ Maui Building); pursuant to the Revised Charter of the County of Maui (1983), as amended (“Charter”), Section 10-3.(3) Financial Disclosures, “A candidate for elective county office shall file a financial disclosure statement concurrently with the filing of nomination papers and shall file annual updates of their financial disclosure statement by February 15 of each year of their elected term.” (Effective January 2023)

Beginning January 2024, candidates for elected office will submit their FDS electronically via the secure County of Maui filing platform CivicOptimize. Hence, it will be transmitted to the designated emails associated with the Maui County Board of Ethics and Office of the County Clerk, and an email confirming receipt along with a copy of the FDS (PDF format) will be sent to the candidate for their records. Candidates are required to bring a copy of their FDS when filing their nomination papers with the Office of the County Clerk as proof of submission and for verification.

File your Candidate Financial Disclosure Statement here:

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