What should I do when I hear the Emergency Management Agency sirens?

Emergency Management Agency sirens are tested each month at 11:45 a.m. on the first working day of each month. If you hear the outdoor warning siren, turn on your radio to one of the following local radio stations for information: KMVI-AM 550/FM 98.3 KNUI-AM 900/FM 99.9 KAOI-AM 1110/FM 95.1/FM 96.7 (upcountry) KLHI-FM 101.1 (west Maui) KPOA-FM 93.5 (west Maui) KMMK-FM 102.3 KDLX-FM 94.3 KNUQ-FM 103.3 or 103.7 KONI-FM 104.7 KPMW-FM 105.5 After turning on your radio, listen for emergency information and instructions. Take the necessary protective actions as directed and keep tuned for further information and instructions.

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1. What should I do when I hear the Emergency Management Agency sirens?
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