Has the County of Maui inspected Molokai Ranch’s utility systems?
The County has not conducted physical inspections of the Ranch’s water and sewer systems.
The County has requested documents and other information concerning the system directly from the company and through the Governor’s task force leader, Abbey Mayer. The company has not responded to the County’s requests for information on their utility systems.
Since no information was provided to the County, the Department of Environmental Management utilized the limited amount of information available through public information records on the sewer system owned and operated by Molokai Ranch. This preliminary endeavor revealed that the system would require a thorough assessment and full access to company records.
Some of the items that an assessment would require include:
Records of all property connected to the utilities
Documents disclosing condition of assets and repairs
Yearly operating budgets for the past 5 years
Staffing requirements
Projected equipment replacement schedule
Permitting history (including violations, fines, enforcement actions)
Billing records
Number of water meters and sizes
All Department of Health-conducted Sanitary Surveys for the water system
Maintenance records of water storage tanks and reservoirs
Existing agreements between the company and property owners connected to the systems

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1. Where did the “end of August” date for Molokai Ranch to stop water and sewer (utility) services come from?
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5. Is it true that the County of Maui does not want to take over the system because it can’t afford to?
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7. Has the County of Maui inspected Molokai Ranch’s utility systems?
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10. Why is there so much correspondence going back and forth between the County of Maui and the State?
11. What if the PUC is unable to compel Molokai Ranch and its parent companies to continue operations until another operator can be secured and in place?
12. Why is the Public Utilities Commission raising the utility rates?
13. What if I can’t afford the rate increase that the PUC mandates?
14. Is it true that Well 17 (a current source of water), now being used by Molokai Ranch, is being used without a permit?
15. What consequences will there be to Molokai Ranch if they refuse to continue to provide water and sewer services to its customers after their deadline date of August 31, 2008?
16. Why can’t the County condemn Molokai Ranch’s properties to help pay for the cost of operating and repairing the utilities?
17. If there’s a fire, will there be water for the fire fighters to use?
18. What can Molokai residents do to ensure that services won’t be interrupted?