Why are wastewater injection wells used?
Every day, residents, businesses and visitors in our county send over 14.6 million gallons of
wastewater down drains that lead to our sewer systems. This is a substantial amount for our sewer infrastructure to manage.

An excess of approximately 11.4 million gallons per day of reclaimed water is produced at County of Maui
treatment facilities. Since the County of Maui does not have sufficient storage and distribution capability to utilize all of the reclaimed wastewater produced on our islands, the excess is sent to the injection wells.

The County of Maui wastewater treatment plants and injection wells reduce the impact of human waste on the environment.

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1. Why are wastewater injection wells used?
2. What is an injection well?
3. What happens in an underground injection well?
4. How many underground wastewater injection wells are owned and operated by the County of Maui?
5. Where are the County of Maui’s injection wells located?
6. Are there privately-owned and operated wastewater injection wells in the county?
7. Does the County of Maui own or operate any wastewater injection wells in Maalaea?
8. How long has the County of Maui operated underground wastewater injection wells?
9. What happened prior to the mid-1970s before the County of Maui put in injection wells to comply with the federal Clean Water Act?
10. Are algae blooms and coral reef damage caused by the reclaimed water sent down the injection wells?
11. Who regulates (controls) wastewater injections wells?
12. Do the underground injection wells operated by the County of Maui meet standard requirements?
13. What is the quality of the water discharged into the wells?
14. How much of our wastewater is recycled?
15. Why can’t the County of Maui reuse all of the recycled water its treatment facilities produce instead of routing it through underground injection wells?
16. What are the alternatives to using injection wells?
17. If the counties are required to improve existing standards and increase the use of recycled water, are federal funds available to fulfill such mandates?
18. Would my sewer rate be affected by any improvements or infrastructure needs?