I farm my land or I have agriculture land. Why am I not assessed as agriculture?
The farming of land or the zoning of agriculture land does not mean you automatically are assessed as agricultural use. The main criterion is the agricultural use of the land zoned agriculture. Agricultural use as defined by Rules and Regulations MCC 3.48.325 are as follows: “Agricultural use shall mean lands actually put to agricultural use adhering to acceptable standards to produce crop, specific livestock including ranching use. Actually put to agricultural use shall be deemed to be when crops are actually in cultivation, and farm management efforts as weed or pruning control, plowing, including housing, fencing and water facilities for livestock and pasturing of animals are clearly evident. It does not include nor apply to areas used primarily as yard space, setbacks, or open landscape associated with residential use planted with fruit and ornamental trees, flowers, and vegetables primarily for home use.” Once the agriculture use is determined and the proper application forms are submitted to the Real Property Tax office, a site inspection will be conducted. If approved, the assessment shall be effective January 1st of the following assessment year.

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3. I farm my land or I have agriculture land. Why am I not assessed as agriculture?
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