How does the County determine my assessment?
Assessments are derived annually using comparable sales that recorded up to June 30 prior to the assessment date. The assessed values represent 100% of the full, unencumbered fee simple market value. The assessor uses acceptable mass appraisal methods and standards to derive market value. If you feel there is an error with your assessment please call our office to speak with an appraiser.

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2. What is an assessment?
3. How does the County determine my assessment?
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8. You say the properties are assessed at market value. Why doesn’t the assessed value reflect today’s market? Why are current sales not used?
9. Why do I have to call your office for the market value of my agricultural property when I receive an agricultural use or dedicated assessment? Why isn't it on the assessment notice?
10. How do I report that someone has a homeowner exemption but is not living on the property? Or "my neighbors are in a rental pool but are taxed "apartment."
11. How will taxes owing as a result of subdivision, consolidation or condominium changes be levied?