Do you have building plans or permit information?
No. You need to contact Developmental Services Administration at (808)270-7253 or (808)270-7250 or permit information online.Online Permit Information

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1. How to Contact Us
2. Can I view my property’s information on the web?
3. How can I search for a property on your website?
4. What forms are available on the web?
5. What is an assessment?
6. Do you have building plans or permit information?
7. How can I lower my property taxes?
8. What is my "zoning?"
9. How do I change the classification of my property?
10. Why are my neighbors borrowing my goats?
11. Does the Real Property Assessment Division provide access to its data?
12. Directions on How to Download Assessment Notice Files
13. Where can I find information on Real Property Taxes for all four Hawaii Counties?
14. Where can I find historical Real Property Tax information?
15. Where can I find total Maui County Real Property Tax assessments by class, tax rates, exemptions and certified revenues by year?
16. How to Calculate Real Property Taxes?