How can I lower my property taxes?

Here are a few examples which may apply.

Correct Assessment 
First, check to see if your property data is accurate. Real Property Tax (RPT) data can be obtained from our website at If data is incorrect, contact the RPT office so property records can be corrected with proper documentation. Homeowner’s Exemption If you are an owner occupant, you may qualify for the homeowner’s exemption of $200,000 which reduces your net taxable value and the tax rate. If you own and occupy your property as your principal residence and file a Home Exemption Application by December 31, the exemption will take effect the following assessment year. Homeowners Exemption Application

Circuit Breaker 
To be entitled to the credit, the homeowner must be granted a home exemption for at least five out of the prior six tax years.  Once qualified, it would credit a portion of your property taxes the following year.  

Agriculture Use 
If your property is in agriculture use such as farming of a crop, you may receive a special agriculture use assessment upon approval of an agriculture use application and/or dedication. This special assessment lowers the taxable amount on the land. There are other exemptions for which you may qualify, such as a disability exemption of $25,000 and disabled veteran’s exemption with minimum tax of $150.00.

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