Could a person conceivably be required to pay back taxes now or in the future as a result of this re-classification?
First of all, a non-use is not a re-classification. It is an agricultural use assessment that is no longer qualified to receive (see above).

If a parcel is under a 10 or 20 year agricultural dedication and does not fulfill the term of the dedication, rollback taxes will apply retroactive to the date of the dedication.

For non-dedicated parcels receiving an agricultural use assessment, rollback taxes apply if the parcel is subdivided into parcels five acres or less. The deferred tax shall commence from the date the conversion was made retroactive to the date the assessment was made, but for not more than ten years. Non-use will result in the parcel being assessed at its highest and best use assessment. In this case, the owner is required to notify the division prior to the calendar year in which the parcel shall no longer be in use.

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5. Could a person conceivably be required to pay back taxes now or in the future as a result of this re-classification?
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