What is the intent of Ordinance No. 3587 (Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance)?
Ordinance No. 3587 is codified in Maui County Code 20.18.010: The stated purpose is to encourage the use of environmentally preferable alternatives to plastic bags such as reusable bags or paper bags. The use of plastic bags must be regulated to preserve the health, safety, welfare, and scenic and natural beauty of Maui. The production and use of plastic bags have significant impacts on the environment, including, but not limited to:
• contributing to unsightly litter (blight),
• creating an additional burden on landfills,
• contributing to potential death of marine animals through ingestion and entanglement, and
• requiring the use of millions of barrels of crude oil for their manufacture

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1. When does the plastic bag reduction ordinance take effect?
2. What types of plastic bags are prohibited from being used under this ordinance?
3. Are there Administrative Rules to implement this law?
4. What are the criteria for permissible plastic bags?
5. What types of plastic bags are permissible that are not used for the purposes of transporting groceries or other goods?
6. Are businesses required to have paper bags available at the point of purchase?
7. Can a businesses charge for paper bags?
8. Can businesses charge for reusable plastic bags (3 mils and above)?
9. Do paper bags have to be made of recycled paper and have to be labeled?
10. What is the intent of Ordinance No. 3587 (Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance)?
11. Who is responsible for complying with this ordinance?
12. What is the procedure for enforcing the penalties for noncompliance?
13. Can my business be fined for non-compliance?
14. What is the appeal process?
15. Who do we call if we know a business is not complying with the law?
16. My business has plastic t-shirt bags. What should I do with these bags?
17. Are plastic shopping bags banned at events, festivals?
18. Are TRASH bags okay to use?
19. As a restaurant owner, am I allowed to give out plastic bags to customers for take out food?