What type of deed will be issued at the tax sale?
A tax deed will be prepared by the County of Maui and given to successful bidders. A tax deed does not have any warranties. Potential bidders should consult with their own attorneys to determine whether any liens remain on the property after a tax deed is issued.
The following information will be required by purchasers to complete the deed:
a. The exact full name and marital status of the grantee;
b. Address of the grantee;
c. The tenancy in which ownership is to be held. The County of Maui will not assist buyers with legal advice such as questions regarding tenancy.
The County will make reasonable efforts to record the deed with the Bureau of Conveyances and/or Land Court within sixty (60) days after the Tax Sale. The recorded deed will be sent directly to the purchaser by the Bureau of Conveyances and/or the Land Court. It may take several months after the Tax Sale to receive the recorded deed. Information regarding recordation can be found on the
Bureau of Conveyance’s website at http://hawaii.gov/dlnr/boc or questions may be directed to the Bureau of Conveyances at: (808) 587-0147.
All foreign and out-of-state corporations must have complied with state law, HRS, Chapter 414, Part XVI. Foreign Corporations.

Bureau of Conveyances

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