Once a property is acquired through the tax sale is there a redemption period?

Delinquent taxpayers (i.e. former property owners) may redeem the property sold by payment to the purchaser at the Tax Sale, within one (1) year of the date of the Tax Sale, or if the tax deed is not recorded within sixty (60) days after the Tax Sale, then within one (1) year from the date of recordation.  To redeem the property the delinquent taxpayer must pay to the purchaser the amount paid by the purchaser, together with all costs and expenses which the purchaser was required to pay, including interest at the rate of twelve percent (12%) a year.  In a case of redemption more than one (1) year after the date of Tax Sale by reason of extension of the redemption period on account of late recording of the tax deed, interest shall not be added for the extended redemption period.  The delinquent taxpayer must make arrangements for the redemption of the property directly with the purchaser.  The County is not involved in the redemption process.  (MCC §3.48.270)

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