What happens to the BLUE cart recyclables once they are collected?
Recyclables are taken to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where they are sorted, baled, then sold to manufacturers who turn your recyclables into new products.

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1. Why can't I put glass in my BLUE cart?
2. What is single stream recycling and do I need to separate my recyclables in the BLUE cart?
3. What happens to the BLUE cart recyclables once they are collected?
4. I saw a truck that looks like a rubbish truck pick up recyclables in my BLUE cart. Are the recyclables in my BLUE cart actually getting recycled or are they taken to the landfill?
5. Can I bag my recyclables in a plastic bag before I put them in the BLUE cart?
6. Do I need to rinse containers before recycling them in the BLUE Cart?
7. Should I remove the lids and labels from jars and bottles before recycling them?
8. What if I have more recyclables than will fit in my BLUE cart?
9. What if I don’t want to recycle? Do I have to use my BLUE Cart?
10. Who do I call if I have recycling questions?
11. What happens to the compostable food scraps and yard trimmings after they are collected from my GREEN cart?
12. What do I do with the kitchen compost container?
13. What if I only have material from the kitchen and not any from my yard. Is it okay to put only food scraps into the GREEN cart?
14. I'm concerned that placing organic materials straight into my GREEN cart could make a mess. Can I put this material inside a plastic bag?
15. Since my GREEN cart will only be picked up once every other week, what can I do with the kitchen scraps that won’t fit in my Kitchen Compost Caddy?
16. What do I do if I have more yard trimmings than will fit in my cart?
17. Can I put large branches and Christmas trees in my GREEN cart?
18. Can I put compostable or biodegradable food containers such as pizza boxes, paper napkins, paper plates, clamshells etc in my GREEN cart?