Which beaches and parks are covered by the ban?
All beaches and parks owned or maintained by the County, and the Waiehu Golf Course, are included in the ban. To view a listing of all County parks by geographic district, visit www.mauicounty.gov/parks and click on the “County Parks Listing” tab on the left.County Parks Listing

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1. What specifically is prohibited by the law?
2. Some people have made the switch to vapor devises, or e-cigarettes. Are these included in the Maui County ban?
3. Which beaches and parks are covered by the ban?
4. Is Waiehu Golf Course included in the ban?
5. Are swimming pools and community centers included in the ban?
6. Are parking lots included in the ban?
7. When does the law go into effect?
8. How will the tobacco ban be enforced?
9. What are the penalties for violations?
10. How will the public be notified about this law?
11. Additional External links that may be helpful.