Who do I contact for assistance?

For questions relating to County procurement policies and practices, please contact the County of Maui Purchasing Division at 808-270-7830.
For "how to" questions on using the County's on-line Bid Management System, Public Purchase, or registering as a Vendor, please contact Public Purchase using their live chat function, found in the upper left corner of their website, Frequently Asked Questions, or you can send them an e-mail at [email protected]. Please identify yourself as a supplier for the County of Maui.

Public Purchase FAQs

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1. How can I be notified of County bid solicitations?
2. What should I know about the NEW Online Bidding System as of July 1, 2015?
3. How do I receive or respond to County solicitations that open after July 1, 2015?
4. Who do I contact for assistance?