Why do the old paper zoning maps have inconsistencies?
The original paper zoning maps on file with the Planning Department were created back in the 1960’s. These maps were created based on the best available resources at the time; many of them were hand drawn on Mylar polyester film. With time has come enhanced mapping tools, including GIS (Geographical Information System) and aerial imagery, which provides more specific and factual representation of land and parcels. We currently deal with instances where the old, hand-drawn, paper maps and changes in zoning do not align with digital parcel data that is used today, or a type of zoning that was designated 50 plus years ago no longer exists (ex. “Future Roadway”). As a result, not being able to quickly access current and correct zoning information creates frustration and is time consuming for all parties involved.

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1. What is DSSRT?
2. What is Zoning?
3. Where can I find a copy of the Maui County Zoning code?
4. Why do the old paper zoning maps have inconsistencies?
5. What is the process to have these old maps replaced?
6. What is a Community Plan? Is this different to Zoning? Will these changes being made affect a parcel’s Community Plan designation?
7. Can I be notified of the Planning Commission and County Council meetings?
8. I am considering re-zoning/changing the use of my property. Can I use this opportunity to re-zone my property now?
9. Will this affect current building permits I have for my property (if applicable)?
10. Will this affect my property taxes?
11. Will these new digitized zoning maps affect my mortgage? Home-owners insurance? Flood insurance? Etc.
12. How do I look up my current zoning?
13. My property is on the market. How will this change impact the sale of my property?
14. I'm in the process of buying an affected property. How will this affect my purchase?
15. What will my zoning change to?
16. What if I don't want the zoning to be changed?
17. Will the size of my lot change?
18. What do I have to do?
19. How long will this project take?
20. What are the benefit of this project?
21. The question I have is not listed here. Who can I ask?