I am concerned about cost; what can I do?

Work with your supplier to come up with the best solution to meet your needs. There are many types of affordable alternative products to choose from. You can raise food prices by a few cents to cover cost. Identify ways to reduce waste as reducing waste often results in saving money.  

Some ways to save money by reducing waste are:

  • Give out utensils, napkins, and straws by request only.
  • Recycle cardboard if you don’t already. Cardboard recycling can reduce the number of trash pick-ups (and price) per month.
  • Study how much food is thrown out daily, then reduce food orders accordingly.   
  • Turn off air conditioners at night, and ovens when they are not in use.

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1. When does the ban on polystyrene foam food containers go into effect?
2. What kind of containers are banned?
3. Are raw meat trays allowed?
4. Are produce / vegetable trays allowed?
5. Who can I call for help with clarification?
6. How can I do more?
7. What are the consequences if a business doesn’t comply?
8. I am concerned about cost; what can I do?
9. To view the full ordinance and administrative rules, and for more information, please visit: