Will chloramines change the pH of the water?

No. The pH of the water will remain the same as before.

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1. Are chloramines new?
2. Why does the Maui DWS use chloramines in the Upper Kula system?
3. What are trihalomethanes (THMs)?
4. Are chloramines safe?
5. Why do kidney dialysis patients have to take special precautions?
6. Do medical centers, hospitals, and clinics that perform kidney dialysis know about chloramines?
7. What should people with home dialysis machines do to remove chloramines?
8. Are other areas of Maui County affected by chloramines?
9. If chloramines are toxic, won't they harm people and pets?
10. If chloramines shouldn't mix with blood, is it safe to drink water containing them?
11. How about washing an open wound, such as a cut, with chloraminated water?
12. Can people with kidney ailments, on low-sodium diets, or with diabetes use chloraminated water?
13. If chloramines are harmful to fish, how can people safely drink the water?
14. Can pregnant women and children drink chloraminated water?
15. What about people who are sensitive to chemicals?
16. Will chloramines change the pH of the water?
17. What will water taste like with chloramines?
18. o home water softeners remove chloramines?
19. Does bottled water have chloramines?
20. Will chloramines affect my swimming pool?
21. How about using chloraminated water on ornamental plants, vegetables or fruit and nut trees? Will beneficial soil bacteria be harmed?
22. How do chloramines affect fish?
23. Won't letting water sit for a few days remove chloramines from tank or pond water?
24. If only a small amount of water is added to an aquarium or pond to make up for evaporative loss, do chloramines still have to be removed?
25. Are both salt and fresh water fish affected by chloramines?
26. Do chloramines pose a hazard to koi?
27. Will a carbon filter remove chloramines?
28. Will reverse osmosis remove chloramines?
29. Will chloramines be removed by boiling the water?
30. How much of a dechloraminating agent or what type of granular activated filter should be used?
31. What are the effects of ammonia on fish?
32. Mosquito control agencies sometimes use fish to eat mosquito larvae. Will these fish be affected?
33. Will chloraminated water used for agricultural purposes have any effect on fish in adjacent streams?
34. Can film development be affected by chloramines?
35. Who can I call if I have questions about the quality of my drinking water?