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Kihei Community Center

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  1. ADA Accessibility
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  5. Community Center
  6. Electrical
  7. Main Hall
  8. Meeting Rooms
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The Kihei Community Center shares an address with the Kihei Aquatic Center.  The Kihei Community Center has been the pride and enjoy of the Kihei Community since its opening in 1998.  The Main Hall is popular for graduation, wedding, birthday and retirement parties to name a few.
 The main Hall has a capacity of 500 people.  For small meetings, a small meeting room that can accommodate up to 30 people is located at the facility.
 The South Maui Parks District Office is also located at the center, along with the Department of Motor Vehicle's Kihei Office. 


Contact Information
District Supervisor
Cody Tesoro (808) 891-4956

South District Main Line
(808) 891-4951
Overview and parking, Community Center
Overview and parking, both buildings
Additional Information


Park size7 developed acres
Park structures
  • 379' x 225' open multipurpose field between Aquatic Center and Community Center; may be used as additional VIP / officials parking  
  • 30' x 15' meeting room:  30-person capacity, 30 chairs, 3 tables
SwimmingSwimming is Available next door at the Aquatic Center.
Picnic areasNone
Parking (shared with Aquatic Center) 
  • 213-space main lot may be entered from Lipoa, directly south of Community Center
  • 19-space VIP lot may be entered from Lipoa, directly west of pools complex
  • Additional guests / visitors may park across from complex at Kihei School
Public Restrooms2 sets (in Main Hall building and meeting room building)
WaterFresh water is available from taps and fountains
ADA AccessibilityEntire Community Center is accessible; most areas of the park
Electrical110 / 220 volt hookups inside Community Center
OfficesParks and Recreation South District office, Recreation and Maintenance office.
Department of Motor Vehicle is located at the center.
TelephonesPay phone located north of main parking
EmergencyPartial internal support through fire extinguishers in each room; External response through Maui Police Department: 9-1-1
Wi-Fi2-hour free wi-fi access per device