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Mitchell Pauole Community Center

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  1. Baseball / Softball Fields
  2. Community Center
  3. Electrical
  4. Gymnasium
  5. Parking
  6. Restrooms
  7. Soccer Field
  8. Telephones
  9. Tennis Courts
  10. Water


This sprawling ranch-style community center and adjacent gymnasium usually are humming with the sound of voices and laughter. The sports facilities include a gymnasium a soccer field, tennis courts, and a skateboard court. It also serves as headquarters for Molokai Fire and Police Departments, as well as Public Works and Health Services offices. With a sprawling sports park and large multi-purpose hall, Mitchell Pauole Center is well suited for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Contact Information
District Supervisor
Darin Kimoto 1(808) 553-4178

Molokai District Main Line 
1(808) 553-3204
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Park size6.4 acres
Park structuresCommunity center, gymnasium with hardwood court floor and fully equipped weight room, 2 - 130' x 66' tennis courts, skateboard park
Picnic areas
SportsTennis courts, multi-purpose soccer field, skateboard park, sports fields
Parking4 lots with 95 spaces
Public Restrooms3 sets
WaterFresh water available from taps and fountains
ADA Accessibility
Electrical110 volt available inside and outside buildings
OfficesDepartment of Recreation, Permits
Telephones1 pay phone
EmergencyMaui Police Department: 9-1-1
Wi-Fi2-hour free wi-fi access per device