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Central Maui Landfill - Refuse & Recycling Center

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  1. Landfill
  2. Motor Oil Recycling
  3. Recycling Drop Off
  4. Yard Trimming Drop off
Services include:

Refuse drop-off
from commercial and residential customers.

Residential Recycling drop-off:
Cardboard (flattened) Newspaper
Paper bags Glass jars & bottles
Aluminum & steel food and drink cans Plastics - #1 and #2
Yard trimmings
Used motor oil

These items canNOT be recycled here:

NO: Styrofoam, food residue, plastics other than #1 and #2, tubs or buckets, plastic bags, magazines, paper, envelopes, ceramics, dishes, light bulbs, aluminum foil, tires, batteries, appliances, electronics, propane tanks.

Banned from Landfills: 
NO: Agricultural wastes, bulk liquids, drums with liquids, un-solidified paint, commercial construction and demolition debris, appliances, air conditioners, vehicle batteries, tires, vehicles, propane tanks.
By appointment only - call first: Asbestos, infectious waste, dead animals over 70 lbs.