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Molokai-Naiwa Landfill & Recycling Center

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  1. HI 5 Deposit Bottles & Cans
  2. Landfill
  3. Motor Oil Recycling
  4. Recycling Drop Off
  5. Yard Trimming Drop off
Refuse drop-off for commercial and residential customers.

Residential Recycling drop-off for:
Cardboard (flattened) Newspaper
Office paper and envelopes Paper bags
Glass jars & bottles Plastics - #1 and #2
Aluminum & steel food and drink cans Yard trimmings
Electronics (w/circuit boards) - computers, televisions, copiers, etc. Books (re-usable quality only)
HI-5 Deposit Bottles & Cans Used motor oil

These items can NOT be recycled here
NO: Styrofoam, food residue, plastics other than #1 and #2,
 aluminum foil, magazines, ceramics, dishes, light bulbs. 
Note: NO appliances are considered 'electronics'.

Metals: This facility periodically accepts metals and related
materials at the Molokai Metals Facility ONLY during scheduled
collection events. Materials accepted during this period include
items such as: appliances, propane tanks, vehicles, vehicle batteries
and tires, scrap metals and other metals materials. Please see
below for information on the next metals collection event.