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Keopuolani Regional Park

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Ke'Opuolani Regional Park composes of 110 acres with 85 acres of the park developed and is the largest park in the County of Maui parks system.  The park is centrally located in Central Maui and is adjacent to the world renowned Maui Arts and Cultural Center.  The War Memorial Complex the site of the annual Maui County Fair, home of the 2001 Hula Bowl and numerous sports activities is located across the street.

Also adjacent to Ke'Opuolani Regional Park along Kanaloa Drive is the Maui YMCA complex and the Central Maui Building of the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Contact Information
District Supervisor
Tara Sabado (808) 270-7979

Office Operations II
Vanessa Joy Baldos (808) 270-7980

Maintenance Supervisor Sheryl Sumera-Cordeiro (808) 270-7396
Recreation Leader III
Keoni Tengan (808) 270-7392

Recreation Technician I
David Mena (808) 270-3162
Overview and parking
Regional overview
Stadium, gym, pool, and fields
Stadium detail
Little league and softball fields
War memorial gymnasium detail
Coach Sakamoto pool, gymnasium, and tennis courts overview
Keopuolani Regional Park overview

Provisions Information
Park size 110 square acres 85 acres developed
Satoki Yamamoto track and field Located across the street at the War Memorial Complex.

Regulation track and field in stadium bowl arena. Permanent concrete sideline and metal endzone grandstands. Portable bleachers and lawn area seating available.

Six square acres; permanent seating: 15,631; seating capacity: 20,000
Amphitheater        Raised grass stage with hillside seating.
Gymnasium Located across the street at the War Memorial Complex

Four tennis courts; side-by-side practice courts or feature center court. Retractable bleachers expandable to 3,228 for various events; regulation outdoor facilities on north side of gym.

Full room: 161' x 123'; seating capacity: 2,892
Coach Sakamoto pool Located across the street at the War Memorial Complex

A regulation aquatics arena with excellent support facilities and a bulkhead added seasonally. Permanent bleachers on pool sidelines; limited shade seating; two shower / locker rooms; adjacent gymnasium services.

Dimensions: 50m x 70'
Sports Amenities Includes three ball fields, two soccer fields, a skate park and a central pavilion area with lighting. Variable sizes; limited seating and support.
Locker rooms Located across the street at the War Memorial Complex

Each contain shower facilities and one set of restrooms. Located between team locker rooms. May be locked.

Home / away: 36' x 13'; common room: 61' x 20'; coach's / storage: 16' x 9'
Picnic areas Tables and several pavilions located through out the park.
Parking Various Lots located through out the park.  Additional parking across the street at the War Memorial Complex.
Public restrooms Four sets: Located in various areas of park
Water Various locations have fresh water available from taps and fountains.
ADA accessibility ADA parking, pathways, restrooms, drinking fountains, play
Electrical Power available inside and outside of main facility.

110 / 220 hookup
Offices Central District Maintenance Supervisor Office
Telephones 1 located by Soccer Field and 1 Located above the Pit Field
Emergency Maui Police Department: 9-1-1