Who is on the Maui County Board of Ethics?

The Maui County Board of Ethics is made up of nine volunteer Maui residents. These volunteer members are charged with administering the Code of Ethics, Article 10 of the Revised Charter of the County of Maui (1983) as amended, adhering to the Maui County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2.56 – Code of Ethics, and the Rules of the Maui County Board of Ethics, Subchapter 6 – Complaints, §04-101-60 thru 69.6.

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1. Who is on the Maui County Board of Ethics?
2. What is required in order for the Board of Ethics to review a complaint?
3. How do I submit a Complaint?
4. Are you able to add additional documents or exhibits when filing a complaint?
5. Who sees the complaint?
6. Do all complaints reviewed by the Board of Ethics go to a hearing?
7. Are complaints initiated by a member of the public reviewed in Regular (open) or Executive (closed) sessions?
8. Who do I contact for additional assistance or information?
9. Where do I send my physical (paper) complaint form?