How do I submit a Complaint?

An original complaint must be completed and submitted to the Board.  There are two options for submitting a complaint; either 1) Electronically (e-filing) or, 2) a physical (paper) form that can be downloaded from the Board of Ethics web page.

E-FILING: To file a complaint electronically click on the following link, Maui County Board of Ethics: Formal Complaint Form.  Complainants (filer) are to complete each section as required and carefully review the form prior to submitting to the Board of Ethics (“Board”).

When you select submit, your completed and signed form will be transmitted to the Board.  An email confirmation and a copy of your complaint (in PDF format) will be sent to you for your personal records. The Board staff will contact you via the provided email on the next steps of processing of your complaint, including the designated complaint no. and the scheduled date the Board will review it.

SUBMITTING A PHYSICAL (PAPER) FORM: The link to the form is located under “Quick Links;” Board of Ethics Formal Complaint Form (PDF) or CLICK on the image of the form on the main web page to download it.  Complete all the sections on the form and mail to the address provided at the top of it.

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