Non-Hawaii Registered Vehicle
The following lists the requirements to switch from out of state license plates to Hawaii license plates and obtain Maui registration:

* Complete and sign an appropriate application for registration form. If the vehicle is registered in joint ownership, both owners must sign.
Submit the last issued out of state certificate of registration.

* Submit the last issued out of state certificate of title if you are listed as the lienholder.

* Submit a bill of lading or shipping receipt which shows the date the vehicle arrived in Maui.

* Submit a current Hawaii certificate of safety inspection

* If vehicle’s year model is 2007, 2008 or 2009, submit a G-27 form with any required attachments. This form may be obtained from the State of Hawaii Department of Taxation or from their web site at Questions regarding the G-27 form should be directed to the Maui District Tax Office at 808-984-8500.

If we do not have the weight of the vehicle as established by the manufacturer, you may be required to have the vehicle weighed at a state certified scale.

The required fees will be determined by registration personnel.

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