I saw a stranded turtle. What do I do?
You can call any of the following numbers on Maui (Kihei has a specific number); 808) 893-3172, (808) 893-3050 (pager) Kihei: (808) 872-5190. Please record the following information prior to reporting an incident:

  • Date, time and exact location

  • Is the turtle dead or alive? Are there any visible signs of danger around the turtle, e.g., fish hook, a net?

  • Estimated size of the animal (could one person lift it?)

  • Photographs (if possible)

  • Your contact information

When observing sea turtles in the wild please give them plenty of room. Feeding, touching or attempting to ride them is inappropriate and shows a lack of respect and aloha. Illegal actions can result in citations and fines.

To report suspected law enforcement violations toward sea turtles such as harassment, poaching or a turtle caught in a net, please call NOAA Enforcement at 1-800-853-1964 or the DOCARE office at 808-643-DLNR (3567).

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1. I saw a stranded turtle. What do I do?
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