I would like to know the zoning of my property.

The Maui Real Property Tax website includes land use zoning for the islands of Maui and Lana`i (using 2019 RPT parcel layers), with a color-coded legend indicating the zoning of the parcel. Click on "View Map" under Parcel Information to see the map, and select "Zoning Districts" on the Layer List.

Permitted uses for each zoning district are listed in Maui County Code Title 19.

For county zoning confirmation (and other designations such as State Districts, Maui Island Plan, Community Plan, and Flood Zones), submit a Zoning and Flood Confirmation Form to the Department of Planning. This form is available at the link below. You may fax the completed form to (808) 270-7634, e-mail to the Planning Department at Email Planning@mauicounty.gov, or mail or bring it to our office at One Main Plaza, 2200 Main Street, Suite 335, Wailuku Hawaii 96793. The turnaround time is up to 20 business days.

Zoning and Flood Confirmation Form

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1. How can I find permit and other public documents?
2. Can I check my permit status?
3. I would like to know the zoning of my property.
4. How many dwellings are allowed on my parcel?
5. Can I build an ohana? If so, how many square feet can it be?
6. Can accessory dwellings be stacked, one on top of each other, or either detached or attached to main dwelling?
7. Are mobile or trailer homes allowed on any county zoned property?
8. How many tiny homes are allowed?
9. Am I required to get a permit for a fence? Is there a height restriction?
10. What are my required property setbacks?
11. Why is it taking so long to get my permit approved?
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14. Can I raise chickens on my residential property?
15. What can I build in the shoreline area?
16. What is the Special Management Area (SMA)?
17. Where can I access the Special Management Area (SMA) Maps?
18. Do I need a Special Management Area (SMA) permit? How do I obtain one?
19. Can I do weddings on agricultural land?
20. How many barns can I have on agricultural land?
21. When do I need to sign a Farm Dwelling and Agriculture Structures Declaration?
22. What types of Agriculture Structures are allowed under the Declaration of Compliance HRS-46-88 Relating to Agriculture Structures?
23. Why can't I build two accessory dwellings on Rural zoned land?
24. What are the rules for commercial signs?
25. What are the rules for non-commercial signs?
26. How do I file an appeal?
27. How do I apply for a variance? (SSV, SPV, BVAV)
28. How do I find out if a property is in violation?
29. How do I lodge a complaint?
30. Are the zoning maps available online? Where can I find a map?
31. How do I request to review documents?
32. How do I obtain old building plans?
33. Where's my cesspool located on my property?
34. Who do I complain to about noise?
35. Water related questions?
36. How do I find Real Property Tax information?
37. Where do I send an email?
38. Do you validate parking at the One Main Plaza Building?
39. Where can I learn more about the laws and requirements for family burials?