How has Maui County operating its wastewater facilities so far?

For decades, the County of Maui has safely operated its wastewater reclamation facilities with permits obtained under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act and the state equivalent statute. These laws govern non-source point discharges to groundwater, as is the case with Maui’s injection wells. In West Maui, excess, high quality recycled water (water not used for irrigation of golf courses, landscaping or other uses) flows underground through deep perforated pipes where it’s filtered through soil and mixes with groundwater and seawater. It takes a minimum of three months to a total of four years to emerge offshore from underground freshwater seeps. The recycled water-groundwater mix travels half a mile and is diffused over 2 miles of coastline.

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1. Why does the Victorino administration maintain Maui County’s appeal of the Lahaina injection well case before the U.S. Supreme Court?
2. How has Maui County operating its wastewater facilities so far?
3. Couldn’t Maui County’s appeal “gut” the Clean Water Act, allowing for pollution nationwide?
4. Hasn’t water from West Maui injection wells negatively impacted the reef and fish in West Maui, particularly at Kahekili Beach where a tracer dye study found the presence of water from injection wells