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1. Why are online assessments used as part of the recruitment process?
2. Is there a time limit for the online assessment?
3. What happens if the internet connection is broken during the online assessment?
4. What if I am unable to take the assessment online at home?
5. If I don’t have a mobile smartphone will I still be able to take the online assessment?
6. What if I experience technical issues?
7. Am I allowed to use scratch paper while taking an online assessment?
8. Am I allowed to use a calculator while taking an online assessment?
9. Which Internet browsers and operating systems will I need to use to complete the eSkill Online Assessment?
10. Why do I need to install the ProctorExam app?
11. Who will have access to view my video recordings?
12. How do I know if my online assessment was successfully submitted?
13. When will I get my assessment results?