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Mokuhau Park


  1. Baseball / Softball Fields
  2. Basketball Courts
  3. Parking
  4. Restrooms
Contact Information
District Supervisor
Jason Justus (808) 270-7232

Office Operations II
Jamie Garcia (808) 270-6139

Maintenance Supervisor Alika Fuentes (808) 243-7055
Recreation Technician I
Sean Bersamin (808) 463-3161

Recreation Assistant I
Wendell Paresa (808) 463-3163
Overview and parking

Provisions Information
Park size 2.4 acres
Park structures 10X12 coaches storage shed.
Swimming None
Picnic areas None
Sports One baseball field. One 94X50 basketball court. One 250X200 multi-purpose field.
Activities Little league and basketball
Parking Street parking along Nenea St.
Public Restrooms One comfort station
Water None
ADA Accessibility Baseball dugouts are ADA accessible.
Electrical None
Offices None
Telephones None
Emergency Maui Police Department: 9-1-1