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South Maui Community Park


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. ADA Parking
  3. ADA Pathways
  4. ADA Restrooms
  5. Drinking Fountains
  6. Gymnasium
  7. Meeting Rooms
  8. Play Area
  9. Team Area


South Maui Community Park is 19.6 acres.  It has 1 soccer field, 1 softball field, 2 restroom buildings a walking path and lots of parking.  It also has picnic tables a playground with shade structure and drinking fountains. It has a gymnasium with approximately 32,00 sq ft and features 2 full sized basketball and volleyball courts.

Note: Youth soccer games by permit only.

Contact Information
District Supervisor
Cody Tesoro (808) 891-4956

South District Main Line
(808) 891-4951