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This facility has 3 Pools in total: a 50 m x 45 ft Lap Pool with six lanes that is 4–13 ft deep; a 40 ft x 40 ft Teaching Pool that is 3–3½ ft deep; and a small 1 ft deep Keiki Pool. This swimming complex boasts the best view that boosts the spirit as you exercise or play. The Lap Pool is not used for competition, but many adult, age group, and high school swim & water polo teams and aerobic groups share training time here throughout the day. The Teaching and Keiki pools are perfect for very young beginning swimmers (Opened 1997).

Contact Information:

Pool Manager
Duke Sevilla: (808) 270-6135

Pool Permits
Fran Yamamoto (808) 270-6138

Pool Phone
(808) 463-3236

Maui Pools Information Line
Updated Daily @ 9:00 a.m.
(808) 270-8208