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1. BUS: I want to start taking the bus to work, but I’m not sure where the stops are and how long it will take. How can I find this out?
2. BUS: I’m new to riding the bus, and one day I was waiting at my usual stop when a Maui Bus drove right by without stopping. Do you know why that might have happened?
3. BUSINESS: I want to hang a few signs and a banner on my business windows. How many can I hang? Also, what sizes are allowed, and how much does the permit cost?
4. CHICKENS/ROOSTERS: Is the County going to do anything about the feral chicken problem?
5. CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES: Do you have any ideas as to what can be done for gun control here?
6. CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES:I thought plastic bags were banned in Maui County? How come the federal government is exempt?
7. COUNTY SERVICES: I noticed the new electric car chargers in front of the County building. Who runs the chargers, and where can I buy a key fob so I can charge my Leaf?
8. COUNTY SERVICES: I’m working two jobs and don’t have much time to run around paying bills. Is there a way I can pay my County bills online?
9. COUNTY SERVCES: When the State ID cards were issued at the Governor’s Liaison Office in Wailuku, handicapped and elderly people were allowed to go to the front of the line. Now that the ID cards are b
10. DMVL: I need to renew my car registration soon. What’s the secret to avoid getting stuck in a long line at the DMV?
11. DOGS: Are there any dog parks on the island where I can let my dog run free?
12. EMERGENCIES/CIVIL DEFENSE: : I heard the flood bulletins that went out last week when we had all that rain. What’s the difference between a Watch, an Advisory and a Warning?
13. HEALTH: When Tropic Care Maui County begins in June, will the program give me free health insurance?
14. HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES: What if I need a doctor's note signed or a form saying that yes, my son did get a physical exam? Will those forms be offered at Tropic Care?
15. INVASIVE SPECIES: Do we have a concrete program to reduce the population of deer on Maui?
16. LAND USE/ZONING: How are we supposed to get by? There are guest-only signs on the condo property.
17. MISCELLANEOUS COMPLAINTS: I heard you mention the County’s bond ratings during your State of the County Address the other night. What exactly are those, and what do they mean for me as a taxpayer?
18. MISC. COMPLAINTS: I have seen the adverse impact of graffiti on communities and property values. My immediate concern is the increase in graffiti I have observed in Paia; there has recently been an in
19. NOISE: What are the laws regarding noise pollution coming from loud vehicles on our increasingly crowded island?
20. PARKS & PARK FACILITIES: I live in Iao Parkside in Wailuku, about 50 feet from the outfield fence of the baseball field. I often wake up to the sound of leaf blowers, riding mowers and power tools as
21. PARK FACILITIES: When will the Sakamoto Pool reopen?
22. PERMITS: I want to file a complaint about my neighbor, who I think is putting up an illegal structure on his property next door. Can I make an anonymous complaint?
23. PERMITS: My understanding is that any construction that takes place requires a building permit, so do these buildings have the County’s blessings?
24. PERMITS: Will there be another “Open House” at the County Building for people to talk to different departments regarding County building permits?
25. POLICE: Will the new Police structure being built in off Pi‘ilani Highway in Kihei have solar photovoltaic panels on its roof?
26. POLICE: How can Maui Police Department Officers ensure that laws are being followed, specifically: 1) seat belts are properly placed? And 2) cell phones are hands-free?
27. PROPERTY TAX: My elderly uncle is a veteran on a fixed income. His property tax bill is due soon, but he’s having a hard time since the bill went up and he’s living on a pension. Is there any way he c
28. PROPERTY TAX: why doesn’t the County ask residents to positively certify compliance with the Homeowner exemption on a yearly basis?
29. RECYCLING: I got a flyer from somebody at the recycling center when I went to drop off my cardboard. Is it true you’re planning to shut down all of the County recycling centers?
30. RECYCLING: Is there a way I can choose to not receive phone books that I don’t want or need?
31. REFUSE & RECYCLING: We live on an automated trash pickup route. The lid on our trash cart is broken. How do I get a replacement for it?
32. RENEWABLE ENERGY: Why is there a “ceiling” on the number of homes within each community/subdivision that can go solar? People may have the money to install photovoltaic (PV), but my understanding is i
33. ROADS: On my morning drive to work, I keep running into the same pothole. Who do I call to get the pothole fixed?
34. ROADS: Case in point: drivers are always avoiding the rough rides by moving to the right shoulder and through the bike lane. Is Kahului a lower priority than Kihei and Lahaina?
35. ROADS: Can you please see what you can do about getting Amala Place road in Kahului properly paved?
36. ROADS: Please explain why all of Vevau was not paved or what the plan is for that portion of the road.
37. ROADS: How much longer does the subcontractor have to maintain it?
38. ROADS & HIGHWAYS: Who makes the decision on which roads will get repaved? I noticed that Makani road in Makawao was repaved last year. However, in my estimation the whole length of Makani Road at
39. ROADS & HIGHWAYS: Yesterday I passed a large dead animal on the side of the road near my home. Who should I call to get it removed?
40. ROADS & HIGHWAYS: Our issues have to do with two stoplights and the extreme and seemingly unnecessary delays in the lights “changing” during various parts of the day.
41. ROADS & HIGHWAYS: What is the status of plans to repave or resurface the stretches of Kamehameha, Wakea and Papa avenues in Kahului that need major reconstructive work?
42. ROADS & HIGHWAYS: Every so often when driving at night I notice a street light that has burned out. Who should I call to report this?
43. ROADS & HWY: How can we request for one of those radar feedback signs to be placed in our neighborhood?
44. ROADS & HWYS: Who is responsible for maintaining the landscaping of the median of the highway and the 1 foot wide grass band between the sidewalk and road curb?
45. STATE DEPTS.: Are the rental car companies subject to any restrictions on price gouging?
46. STATE DEPTS: Are all the lunch wagons along Maui roads doing business legally?
47. TRASH: My house is located on Kula Highway, but even though the road seems wide enough we do not have automated trash pickup. How can I find out if we will ever get automated service?
48. TRASH: I was wondering if the trash pickup personnel could arrive and pick up a little later than they do now? Here in Kihei, they show up in my neighborhood anywhere from 5:45 – 6:30 a.m. and it’s a
49. TREES: I live in Kahului next to a County property. A tree on the County side has become a potential safety hazard with a lot of dead branches that are breaking off. Who can I call?
50. VEHICLES/DMVL: Does the County of Maui receive any of the registration fees for rental cars? If not, why not?
51. WASTEWATER: The County sewer pumping station #6, located on South Kihei Road next to the Kihei Fire Station, has a distinctly unpleasant odor emitting from it and has for years. What’s up with that?