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1. Can I check my permit status?
2. How many dwellings are allowed on my parcel?
3. Can I build an ohana? If so, how many square feet can it be?
4. Am I required to get a permit for a fence? Is there a height restriction?
5. What are my required property setbacks?
6. I would like to know the zoning of my property.
7. Why is it taking so long to get my permit approved?
8. What can I build in the shoreline area?
9. What is the Special Management Area (SMA)?
10. Where can I access the Special Management Area (SMA) Maps?
11. Do I need a Special Management Area (SMA) permit? How do I obtain one?
12. Can I do weddings on agricultural land?
13. How many barns can I have on agricultural land?
14. Do I need a farm plan?
15. What are the rules for commercial signs?
16. What are the rules for non-commercial signs?
17. How do I file an appeal?
18. How do I find out if a property is in violation?
19. How do I lodge a complaint?
20. Are the zoning maps available online? Where can I find a map?
21. How do I request to review documents?
22. How do I obtain old building plans?
23. Where's my cesspool located on my property?
24. Water related questions?
25. Who do I complain to about noise?
26. Do you validate parking at the One Main Plaza Building?
27. How do I find Real Property Tax information?
28. How do I apply for a variance? (SSV, SPV, BVAV)
29. Where do I send an email?