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1. Where is the DMVL?
2. Where is the Metals Recycling Facility?
3. Are electric vehicles eligible for this program?
4. My car is a commercial vehicle used for our business. Is it eligible?
5. I only live here for part of the year, but my car is registered on Maui. Is it eligible?
6. My car doesn’t run and has missing parts. Can I still participate in the program?
7. I don’t have the title anymore, but it was registered in my name. What should I do to participate?
8. I have the signed title, but it is not officially registered to me yet. Can I participate in this program?
9. My registration is expired, can I still junk my car?
10. Will the County provide towing services?
11. Do I have to clean out my car before I take it to the metals recycling facility.
12. How many tires are included in this program?
13. Will I be charged anything at the metals recycling facility?
14. What if my vehicle is refused at the facility? Can I just leave it behind?
15. Why do I have to be present when the vehicle is delivered to the recycling facility? Can’t I just give the paperwork to the tow driver?
16. What if I get to the facility and I don’t meet the criteria?
17. I live on Molokai. What am I supposed to do with my old car?
18. I live on Lanai. What am I supposed to do with my old car?
19. Where can I get more information?